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Hey guys! Welcome to Fat and Phat! This is a place where plus size people can feel safe and welcome. I created this in hopes to pursue my journey of body acceptance in 2012, but I've continued it as this blog has helped me and others. I accept and encourage submissions from all fellow fatties. Some content may be NSFW. The admin of this blog is Brittany: http://freaksandlights.tumblr.com/



I think my face has a sort of sensationalizing effect on my pictures, and that’s okay usually because I love my face and it’s great. But I wanted to take some pictures without it because I want other fat and/or black people to relate. The “pretty face” fat thing is still a large issue within the body positive community.

Beautiful-faced fat people are so important, but our revered presence tends to alienate those who feel they don’t make the face cut. The same applies to fat people with medium to smaller bodies on the spectrum, and I realize that that’s where I fit in these days. I don’t deny that privilege that I have, but I hope people larger than me still see some features they can relate to. Not to mention, when we do see very personal pictures of nude fat bodies, they’re overwhelmingly white.

Anyway, I saw a post involving feelingswithbrandy and pardonmewhileipanic that spoke on an issue about representation of fat-related features on bodies that people feel they alone have because they don’t see it documented frequently, if ever, in the body and fat positive community.

It got me thinking that I wanted to show myself to other fat and/or black people in hopes that they can relate. I usually wear clothes because I like style, but I wanted to serve a slightly different purpose. So here’s a series of pictures of my body with some large deposits of back fat and some visible deposits of side/under boob fat or whatever it is. I cropped out my butt because too many fetish-having asshats lurk, and I’m sure they’ll still get to these but at least not all of me.


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I reallyyyyyyy wanted to wear jeans today, but unfortunately it warmed up this weekend.

Top ~ Simply Be (US 22)
Skirt ~ ASOS Curve (US 18)
Shoes ~ Target
Purse ~ Titinastore via Etsy
Headpiece ~ LoliMillie via Etsy
Lips ~ Wet n’ Wild Megalast Lipcolor in Sugar Plum Fairy

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I’ve heard nothing, but great things about how many of you have been inspired for my self-confidence due to my size and my expression of pride about being a bigger guy.  I want to continue to be an inspiration to boys because there is so much body positivity for girls, but what about guys? Guys face locker room judgement just like girls, guys face not being fit enough, strong enough, guys face those judgements about our bodies as well, but where is their voice in the body positive movement? I want to be that voice.

So I support you, join this “Body Made Right” idea, no matter what size you are and express that you know you’re exactly the way you’re supposed to be and be confident about that body because you should own the skin you’re in, guys.

Own that body and join me, write “Body Made Right” on your body and flaunt that bod. Show the world that you’re proud of you, big or small, own the skin you’re in.

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OOTD; Luna del Rey

This is one of my favorite tops EVER (notice the hella spikes on the sleeves) and it’s FINALLY cool enough to wear it again! (cue the hallelujahs)

Top, shoes, and pants are all from Forever 21. Can’t remember where the ring is from. :( I’ve had it a few years.


blouse ~ modcloth (4x)
skirt ~ modcloth (4x)
socks ~ sockdreams
shoes ~ journeys 
bowtie ~ asos
purse ~ modcloth
lips ~ revlon’s just bitten in crush

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hit me with your walking stick, je t’adore, ich liebe dich

~I’m still getting used to having to go out and use a stick, but if anything can solve me feeling self concious, then putting on an outfit and taking selfies will!~

jacket- new look inspire

dress- dorothy perkins

Anonymous asked: I understand that women should love there bodies, but when I see some of these girls, as beautiful as they are, I hope there all healthy don't have any health problems because there larger size and I mean this with no hate AT ALL

You can hope and pray all you want, but the reality is that not everyone is healthy and that is at EVERY size. I know healthy people at size 2 and 20, and I know unhealthy people at size 2 and 20. Doesn’t matter though. They still have every right to exist and be happy at their current size no matter what.


this dress is just a bit too big under the bust for me, but I still love it anywayyy

dress ~ modcloth (4x)
shoes ~ target (11)
necklace ~ gifted by friend
lips ~ wet n’ wild megalast lipstick in wine room